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12:18 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #3737 (Rejected): Detailed reports-> blocked banners not counting correctly
Detailed reports-> blocked banners not counting correctly. For example, count in detailed reports increased by 1, and...
12:16 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #3736 (Rejected): Product cannot be configured without license
When there is no licence, the software ask you to buy a licence to configure the software, meaning a system administr...


10:32 AM GUI/Help ENG frm #3522 (Rejected): There is "April 2016" in the middle of reports
after deleting a malware i looked at detailed report and select "entire period" , and there is "April 2016" in the mi...


08:08 AM Application Control ENG frm #3155 (Reopened): Signed app is trusted despite disabling "Trust digitally signed applications" and "Load rules for applications from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)"
May I ask why the behavior is by design? It makes no sense to have such options in Application Control settings if th...


09:16 AM GUI/Help ENG frm #3149: After first startup of KTS, hovering tray icon shows "Starting..."
Yes, the issue is reproducible.
Traces for KTS


03:01 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #3150 (Fixed): Fixed vulnerability is not removed from list of detected vulnerabilities
1. Installed VLC Player 2.0.0.
2. Set scope of vulnerability scan to scan the application folder of VLC.
As expec...
02:33 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #3149 (Accepted): After first startup of KTS, hovering tray icon shows "Starting..."
After first startup of KTS, hovering the tray icon shows "Wird gestartet..." (Starting...) even if the user interface...


02:46 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #2698 (Rejected): The counter from the FF plugin shows only 999 entries
The counter from the FF-plugin DNT shows only 999 entries.


04:35 PM GUI/Help ENG frm #2639: System changes control: Blocked and allowed apps: help button does not work
It seems the issue was indeed fixed in KTS. I tested with KIS and the issue is not fixed yet there.


04:28 PM Suggestion ENG frm #2668 (Rejected): GUI: Suggestion for different styling of back button
I recommend using the back button !! instead of...

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